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Our products

Plastic signs

Engraved plastic signs are an economical and attractive alternative for both indoor and outdoor signage. They are perfect for door signs, letter box signs and information signs, and are often used for labelling.

Economical in smaller formats

Plastic signs colour printing

Foam PVC plastic signs with colour printing, perfect if you’re looking for a lightweight material. Often used as advertising signs, company signs and information signs.

Economical in larger formats

Name badges

Our name badges consist of engraved plastic and can be ordered with either a pin or magnet.

Excellent value

Name badges colour printing

Name badges with colour printing create an exclusive impression and are often used in local government, banks, the real estate sector and at fairs. We offer name badges with digital printing in both brass and plastic.

Plastic, brass, alu, wood, cardboard

Wood signs

Wood signs create a cosy, old-fashioned feel. Welcome guests with a warm wood sign or decorate your home with wood signs featuring thought-provoking words or messages. The signs are made with colour printing and are available in maple, oak and cherry wood.

Solid wood

Aluminium signs

Durable and weatherproof high-quality signs manufactured with digital printing. Perfect for outdoor signage. Common uses are road and street signs, parking signs and entrance signs.

High quality

Labels and plates

Labels in engraved plastic and name plates in brass – for labelling machinery, screens, cables, pipes, stands, boards and much more.

Perfect for small-format signage

Acrylic signs

Acrylic and plexiglass signs create a more exclusive and professional feel and are largely used in company environments. The signs can be ordered in transparent, white or coloured acrylic.


Vinyl texts

Contour-cut text and images in vinyl are an excellent choice for people who prefer not to have a background. Vinyl texts can be applied to a wall, window or car, for instance.

Cut-out text and image


Decals, also called stickers, are suitable for vehicle decoration, window decoration, exhibition material, labelling and wall texts. You can choose the colour of the background, text and outline yourself.

Text and image with colour printing

Brass signs

We offer everything from classic door signs to stylish label tags in brass. Text and image are printed directly onto the surface of the sign. The signs are high quality and suitable for outdoor use.



Roll-ups are an economic option for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, portable display stand. They are often used at fairs, events and in stores.

Easy to transport and put up

Magnetic signs

We offer fully magnetic signs that consist of a magnetic base with a matt, UV-protected surface. Attach to fridge, dishwasher or car.  

Movable signs

Double-sided signs

Double-sided signs in aluminium and plastic, for maximum visibility. Hang or position standing out from a wall. Ideal as a shop sign, information sign, brass plate, and more.

Ideal retail or company decor


Posters are the perfect option when you want to reach out with your message in an easy and affordable way. Easily create advertising posters online – for companies, shops, campaigns and events.

Contour-cut signs

Contour-cut signs in acrylic plastic for indoor and outdoor use. Design cut-out letters or numbers for your home, business or store.

Cut-out letters and numbers

Eco Board

Eco Board is our eco-friendly product made from quality cardboard with a wood fibre core. A lightweight yet rigid material that is perfect for signs in indoor environments, displays, interior decoration and name badges.

Eco-friendly cardboard

Door signs

High-quality door signs with engraving or printing. Sustainable materials for indoor and outdoor use. Design unique signs for the door in your preferred material, with standoff, screws, tape and more.

Engraving or digital printing

House signs

High-quality house signs with engraving or printing. Sustainable materials for indoor and outdoor use. Design unique facade signs and house numbers in your preferred material and with the fixing method of your choice.

Engraving or digital printing

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