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Information on name badges with pins

Name badges with pins are a hard-wearing and durable option. It is common for people to have several name badges that are worn on coats or other items of clothing.

For employees in customer-facing roles, attractive custom name badges with a pin attachment add a friendly, personal touch.

Why a pin?

A pin is a simple and convenient way of attaching a name badge if you need to be able to change and attach badges to different items of clothing. The pin attached to the back of the name badge can be easily inserted through any item of clothing you want. Then just secure the pin in its clasp.

Where should a name badge be worn?

By far the most common place to wear a name badge with pin, and the customary position, is on the left side of the chest. If you want to be shrewd and a little more strategic in terms of where you position it, attach it on the right side – that way it stands out more when you greet someone. However, the most important consideration of all is that it should be at an appropriate height for others to notice it and for it to be easy to read.

Tips to help you design a name badge with pin:

1. The text for name, professional affiliation or company must be clear.

2. Colour combinations: If you have a dark background, then you should use light-coloured text. If

you have a light background, you should use dark-coloured text. If you have a colourful background, keep the text one colour, e.g. grey, white or black.

3. Do you have to attend fairs or events and attract new customers or investors? Display the company logo prominently on the name badge. 

4. A symbol can transform an impersonal and formal name badge into something perceived as significantly warmer. Why not add a smiley face? :)