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Create your own posters with the text and design of your choice, or choose from our pre-designed examples.
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Popular examples of posters

Created with Fabric.js 3.4.0


320 x 450 mm, Paper

15.94 NZD

Created with Fabric.js 3.4.0


300 x 400 mm, Paper

15.13 NZD

Created with Fabric.js 3.4.0


250 x 300 mm, Paper

13.62 NZD

Created with Fabric.js 3.4.0


350 x 500 mm, Paper

16.98 NZD

Created with Fabric.js 3.6.3


130 x 180 mm, Paper

8.68 NZD

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You can use our Design Page to design your signs just as you want them. Text, colour, shapes and more.

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Information on posters

Posters, also known as prints, are the perfect option for anyone wanting to reach out with their message in an easy and affordable way.

Large-format posters are often used for fairs, concerts and other events to attract attention or disseminate information. Posters can be placed in shop windows, on walls, doors or noticeboards and are often put up in public places, such as shopping centres, restaurants and shops.

Shops and companies often use promotional posters to market a brand or promote new products or services. Smaller format posters can also be used in the home as stylish interior decor. Create your own personalised advertising posters, promotional posters, election posters, concert posters or decorate your home with posters in any size and featuring any subject!

Design unique posters

Our Design Page offers a variety of options where you can choose colour, shape and size. Upload your own images or choose from the existing images on our Design Page. Our posters have a minimum size of 100 x 100 mm and a maximum size of 4000 x 1200 mm. They are printed with digital printing on one side. The material consists of high-quality photo paper with a thickness of 0,192 mm (192μ). Our posters can be used both indoors and outdoors, but last longer when used indoors. The service life for outdoor use is three months.


  • Posters are an ideal option for companies and shops that want to promote a brand, product or service. A large-format poster can attract attention and inspire.
  • Create unique posters for promotions, fairs, concerts, birthdays and other occasions.
  • Design posters for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, children’s room or workplace. A poster is a simple and affordable way to liven up a blank wall.