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Information on Child signs

Child signs have a number of different uses, wherever children are close by. Everything from in the home, to in the car and near playgrounds.

Create a customised and unique child sign based on your needs using your own design. You can also allow children to create their own name plaque for their room, which is usually very popular. A child sign can be designed in many different ways. It all depends on its location and the intended message.

One classic child sign is the Child in Car sign that clearly tells other drivers that they should drive with extra care. A variant of this sign is the Baby On Board sign that conveys the same message. Create a customised Child in Car sign, but remember that there are a number of factors that determine whether or not the sign with be effective.

Child in car sign – A few tips

Do you want the sign to be stylish or do you want road users to really show a little extra care? Consider the following:


There are two main variants of text often used. Either “Child in Car”/”Baby in Car” or the common “Baby on Board”. This has become almost standard and something that is recognised in traffic.

There are several other, more personal text options, such as “Valuables – Child in Car” and sport signs such as “Baby Blue on Board” that point to a specific football team, Manchester City. More personal signs such as “Little Prince Onboard” or similar are also possible. However, it is important to ensure that the message is clear and that the sign can be understood quickly and easily.


Child in Car signs can be a variety of colours, so you can choose a suitable colour combination when designing your sign. If these signs are intended as warning signs, however, you should stick to yellow/orange/red. These colours are also the most common on these types of sign.