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Information on horse signs

A horse sign can be used as a horse name plate or to label accessories in the stable to create order. A horse sign can also serve as a warning sign, encouraging road users to drive carefully, as there may be horses on or near the road. Regardless of your requirements, you can create a personalised horse sign to meet your needs.

Different horse sign types

Horse name plates

The most common horse name plates are those put up in stables. They are also known as horse stable signs. Horse name plaques can also be used to keep track of harnesses, saddles and other accessories that would otherwise easily get mixed up in the stable. A personalised horse name plaque is more attractive and makes it easier to find the horse and its equipment. 

Horse transport

Legally, horse trailers often need to be marked with a horse sign. Designs vary, but yellow signs with black text are not uncommon. If horses are transported on public roads, it is important to ensure that all local legal requirements regarding text, colour and shape are observed. 

To training

One category of horse signs is those that show the way to the training area, race track or stables. These signs are useful for guiding visitors who are unfamiliar with the area. 


Some horse signs are designed to warn road users that there are horses on the road, that a bridleway crosses a road or similar. These can be designed as a classic warning sign with a black silhouette of a horse in the middle. This category also includes the classic prohibition sign (that is also seen as a traffic sign) that indicates to road users that there are riding horses in the vicinity. These have a white silhouette of a rider against a blue background.