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Information on "no junk mail" signs

There are many reasons for putting up a “No advertising please” sign on your letterbox or door. It helps to save the environment, for instance, and you reduce your paper recycling.

Create your own sign with any text and design and reduce the amount of advertising through your letterbox.

Setting up a “No junk mail please” sign or similar does not mean that you will avoid advertising altogether, but it will reduce the amount of advertising you get in your letterbox. You’ll still receive newspapers, public service information and addressed advertising. You can be specific on your “No advertising please” sign and choose which advertising you want and don’t want.

No advertising, except…

Free newspapers 

Free newspapers are not considered as advertising and so can be distributed to all households. However, many people equate them with advertising and decline free newspapers, using the text “No advertising or free newspapers, please”.

Public service information 

Information from religious communities, political parties or local government is not considered advertising. Even people with a “No advertising” sign” still receive this information. That means that you don’t need a sign saying “but public service information welcome”, regardless of what your sign otherwise says. 

Addressed advertising 

Some people design their own “No advertising” sign with the text “No advertising – not even with my name on”. This is to avoid addressed advertising. Unfortunately, this has no effect on the postman, as they have to deliver addressed mail to the home regardless. In order to avoid addressed advertising, you may need to contact the post office to request that addressed advertising not be delivered to you. It may also help to contact the companies sending out such mailshots as well. 

Sales catalogues 

One type of advertising that many people want is sales catalogues. For this reason, some people choose to have the text “No advertising – sales catalogues permitted”.