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Door signs

Create your own door sign with the text and design of your choice, or choose from our pre-designed examples.
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Popular examples of door signs

Created with Fabric.js 3.6.3

Door sign

200 x 130 mm, Plastic

31.36 NZD

Created with Fabric.js 3.6.3

Door sign

150 x 60 mm, Aluminium

36.06 NZD

Created with Fabric.js 3.6.3

Door sign

160 x 50 mm, Plastic

13.40 NZD

Created with Fabric.js 3.6.3

Door sign

104 x 60 mm, Brass

53.53 NZD

Created with Fabric.js 3.6.3

Door sign

150 x 150 mm, Plastic

38.55 NZD

Created with Fabric.js 3.6.3

Door sign

203 x 49 mm, Plastic

27.96 NZD

Created with Fabric.js 3.6.3

Door sign

80 x 25 mm, Plastic

5.13 NZD

Created with Fabric.js 3.6.3

Door sign

165 x 78 mm, Nickel-plated brass (Silver)

50.18 NZD

Created with Fabric.js 3.6.3

Plastic signs engraving

100 x 30 mm, Plastic

5.76 NZD

Created with Fabric.js 3.5.1

Aluminium signs

200 x 140 mm, Aluminium

47.45 NZD

Created with Fabric.js 1.7.3 4

Plastic signs engraving

150 x 100 mm, Plastic

20.01 NZD

Created with Fabric.js 1.7.3

Plastic signs engraving

100 x 150 mm, Plastic

29.01 NZD

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Information on door signs

A door sign acts as an initial welcome to visitors, whether it’s to someone’s home, a shop or a company. That’s why it’s important that such signage is clearly designed.

A front door sign can be inviting and warm, or completely neutral. It can also give a clear message that nobody may go through the door, or that the door is alarmed. Its appearance depends on what the person inside wants to convey. However, the most common option is to place door signage on the exterior door to welcome visitors.

Materials commonly used for door signs

We offer door signs in a number of different designs and materials. Choose from aluminium, plastic, acrylic, brass, wood, vinyl text (contour-cut text and vinyl image) or contour-cut signs (acrylic plastic). You decide yourself how your door sign will look through your choice of materials, fastening device, colour, shape and design. Upload your own image or logo, add the text of your choice and create your unique door sign directly on our Design Page.

Door signage – more than just a name plate

What many people initially associate with door signage is a “lives here” sign, a welcoming front door plaque that indicates who lives in the house. Anyone who wants a personalised front door plaque should design it to be personal and consider what feeling they want the sign to convey. A unique door plaque does not just indicate who lives in the house, but can also reflect the family’s personalities and interests. Try out our Design Page – there is a significant difference depending on colour, shape and style of text used.

In addition to adorning outer doors, there are a number of other uses for door signage within the home. Personalised door signs can be used to show which child sleeps in which room, or can be used to indicate the location of the toilet.

Front door name plates are also excellent for indicating who resides in other premises, such as offices or shops. Such signs can also be used to show opening hours or function as an address sign. In public buildings, it is also common to use door signs to mark the location of toilets, cleaning cupboards or staff rooms.

Available fixing methods

Adhesive Tape
Screw with screw cap
Suction Cups
Sign holder – door/wall
Adhesive Tape