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Information on road signs

Designing your own road signs for a housing association or private use is a simple and clear way of conveying a message to road users. It can involve anything from a car park or STOP sign to a “Private road” or “Drive slowly” sign. A reflective sign is visible even in dark traffic situations.

These signs are often inspired by classic traffic signs in terms of design and colour. It can sometimes be best to have different text and images on the sign, making it more unique and more likely to be noticed by drivers.

Please note that we sell road signs for private use. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the sign complies with the local rules in the location where the sign will be used.

Design personalised road signs

Warning sign 

These traffic signs warn of something, so that road users can increase their concentration and reduce their speed. They include “Animal crossing” signs that warn of particular animals such as hedgehogs, wild boar or frogs in the vicinity. Warning signs often have a red border, yellow background and triangular shape.

Prohibition signs 

A prohibition sign indicates a demand or request. They can refer, for instance, to a requirement for protective clothing, permitted driving manner or parking times. This type of road sign often has a white border, a blue background and is usually round.  

Information signs 

A clear information sign can highlight locations, flea markets or shops. A professional-looking road sign to convey information often has a white border, a blue background and white text.

However, when buying a road sign, it should be noted that it is illegal to put up signs that are too similar to official signs on public roads. If there is a risk that drivers will lose concentration or be misled, the signs may be outright dangerous.

Road signs for private use

We offer a variety of design options for anyone wanting to design personalised road signs for private use. Our aluminium signs make an ideal signpost, as they are weather resistant, durable and have a long life. You can choose pole attachment if you want the sign for mounting on a pole, or screws if you want to attach it to a flat surface.