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Information on plastic signs

We offer engraved plastic signs and plastic signs with colour printing in Forex (foam PVC). The choice of material depends on how your sign will be used.

Plastic signs engraving

Our engraved plastic signs, also called traffolyte signs, are made from the highest quality acrylic. The text and any images can be engraved by laser. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, are UV stable and resistant to wind and weather. The smallest sign we offer is 25 x 10 mm and the largest is 295 x 295 mm. All plastic signs are 1.6 mm thick. They are manufactured from a plastic laminate in two layers, the top providing the sign colour and the bottom the text colour.

Engraved plastic signs can be attached to a flat surface using a screw, adhesive tape, a magnetic strip or suction cups. They can also be suspended on a hook or nail, or be placed in a sign holder on the wall. With our flag attachment, they can also be mounted to stand out from a wall. If you want a sign to stand on a desk, we offer a table stand option. Our engraved plastic name badges can be ordered with either a military clip, a pin or a magnet.


Engraved plastic signs are a good choice for most occasions. They are often used as door signs, letterbox signs, name plates and information signs. These can be ordered with self-adhesive tape and/or screws. Our engraved plastic name badges tend to be used within healthcare and the service sector and can be ordered with various attachment methods.

Plastic signs colour printing

Our plastic signs with colour printing are made from foam PVC (Forex). This is an affordable option for those looking for an easily bendable, relatively firm, lightweight material. Our printed plastic signs can be used both indoors and outdoors, but last longer when used indoors. For anyone looking for a more sustainable option for outdoor use, engraved plastic signs or aluminium signs are recommended.

Text, images or logos are printed digitally on the surface. Our plastic signs have a minimum size of 70 x 30 mm and a maximum size of 1000 x 1000 mm. The signs are 3 mm thick and can be ordered with screws, tape, flag attachments or for hanging.


Thanks to their light weight, plastic signs in foam PVC have a multitude of uses. Plastic signs made from Forex are often used as advertising signs, company signs, office signs and information signs, and sometimes as door signs. They are also the ideal choice for display items for fairs or shop or boat interiors.

Available fixing methods

Adhesive Tape
Screw and Tape
Magnetic strip
Screw with screw cap
Flag attachment
Suction Cups
Table Stand
Sign holder – door/wall
Ceiling suspension using wires
Adhesive Tape