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Information on car decals

We offer a wide range of vehicle decals for vehicles of all kinds. Easily create car decals in any design. Our decals are easy to apply and remove.

Simple, effective and affordable

Car stickers are a simple, effective and affordable way to market your business, shop or service. They make your brand more visible to potential customers with the help of colour, shape and an image or logo that can easily be applied directly to the vehicle.

Self-adhesive car stickers are often seen on company cars, where the inclusion of the company name and logo makes it clear who the car belongs to.

Design your own custom car decal

Our custom transfer stickers can be ordered with a coloured or transparent background. Where the decal is to be applied will determine which is the best option for you. We recommend that you choose a different background colour to the colour of your car. That will ensure that the car decal is more visible.

Using our design tool, you can choose the size, colour and shape you want. In our image archive you can choose from existing images or upload your own motif or logo.

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Durable material

Our car decals are made of self-adhesive vinyl. The motif is printed using a UV printer that guarantees high quality and durability. The material is intended for both indoor and outdoor use and can withstand wind and weather.

Easy to apply

You can apply the car sticker to your car by following these steps:

  • 1.       CLEAN. Clean the surface of the car where you want to apply the decal. Make sure that the surface is dry, smooth and free of dirt and grease before application.

  • 2.        APPLY. Remove the protective film from the decal and apply the decal to the surface using the scraper supplied with your order.

  • 3.       ADJUST. Be sure to remove any air bubbles by moving the scraper from the centre of the decal to its outer edge until no air bubbles remain.

Place anywhere on the car

Our custom transfer stickers can be applied to all surfaces of the car. They can be applied directly to the car door or to the car window. How you choose to design your car decal depends on where it will be located.

The car stickers can be ordered in different colours and shapes. We can also contour-cut your decal, which is a popular option for anyone wanting their logo cut out as desired.

If you only want a text or image without a background, you should choose a vinyl text. Cut-out text or images in vinyl are an equally popular option when it comes to applying decals to cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply a decal to the car?

At low outdoor temperatures, it is best to heat the surface where the decal is to be applied. You can use a heat gun or hair dryer. The decal adheres better and there is less risk of it ripping.

Start by cleaning the surface where you want to apply your car stickers. If water is not enough to clean the surface, try using washing-up liquid. Make sure that the surface is dry and free of dirt and grease before you start applying the decal.

Carefully remove the protective film from the decal. Use the scraper supplied with your order and scrape gently from the centre of the decal to its outside edge to remove any liquid or air bubbles.

Can I print my company logo on a decal?

Yes. You can create unique car decals with printing to make your brand or business more visible. Upload your motif or your company logo directly to our website and design decals to suit your exact requirements.

Can car decals be washed?

Yes. Our car decals are manufactured with digital printing and feature a protective laminate. This makes car decals durable and hard-wearing, meaning they can also tolerate a trip to the car wash.

How can I best remove decals from the car?

To avoid damage to the car’s paintwork, the decal should be heated before it is removed. This can be done using a hair dryer, which reduces the risk of damaging the paint. Initially, try gently pulling off the decal from the corners. Apply more heat using a hair dryer if the car decal will not come off.