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Information on Traffic signs

Signomatic are experts in designing and creating all types of signs, no matter what the genre may be. Traffic signs are also in our product portfolio. Whether we are supplying private individuals, commercial entities or government institutions, Signomatic offers you a one-stop-shop for all your signage requirements.

Traffic sign usage is threefold – advising motorists and passengers of any dangers on the road, informing about the law of the roads and serving as guidance to road users, be they passengers or motorists.

Traffic signs are usually standardized, depending on the particular country they need to be utilized for, as well as being regulated by the Road Regulations of the particular country. This is true for colours used, graphics, the font for the text and the shape and size of the signs. Traffic signs could be used to depict danger or inform people of services in the vicinity. They can also be prohibitory signs, mandatory signs, warning signs, as well as direction signs. We could also cater for any temporary road signs required, which could be dismantled and re-erected easily. Road markings could also be considered as traffic signs. Whether the signs need to be wall mounted, frame mounted, free-standing or illuminated; at Signomatic we can design and create your traffic signs from beginning to end.