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Information on Room signs

When it comes to signs that can be placed on doors, there is almost no limit to the possible varieties that you can find. People use signs to indicate all kinds of things to visitors and to employees as well. Some people even like to put up signs on some of their doors at home, just for fun. It seems like, no matter what the reason, there is one thing that all people have in common: the desire to show what purpose a specific room serves.

There are just as many types of room door sign as there are purposes for using rooms. The list is almost endless, but a few common examples include meeting rooms, tea rooms, break rooms, a child’s room in a home, a room reserved for the IT department, fire exits, bathrooms, and so many more. Door signs can be used as street signs, in that they are great for guiding people who aren’t familiar with a place to the right place.

If you have the need to indicate what certain doors lead to, there is no better option than to hang a nice, clear sign to lead everyone in the right direction. There are many pre-made ones to choose from, but you can also design your own.

Board room signs

In any office, it is crucial to show exactly what each room is supposed to be used for. You need to be able to arrange where to meet with colleagues or clients quickly and easily. The best way to do this is to have our professional and contemporary boardroom signs set up, to label all your meeting rooms.

Many offices will contain large numbers of rooms, so it is important that specific rooms can be easily found. Conference room signs should be attached to the door using a plain coloured placard with a business-like font. There should also be directional signs showing where the room is located if the office area is large because whilst staff may know where to go, visitors will not. In addition to this, it can be helpful to have a board showing on which floor the room can be located and this is usually placed by the stairs or a lift. It can also be useful having directions to this room displayed in the lobby.

Conference room signs

As conference rooms are sometimes empty, it can also be prudent to add a sliding part to the door sign that can clearly display whether the room is in use at a particular time. Doing this will reduce the potential for interruptions and will help the day-to-day office work run that much smoother. Options that can be used are “vacant” or “meeting in progress”, “in use” or “vacant” or simply “open” and “closed”. We’ll help you make sure that the wording is clear and cannot be misinterpreted in anyway.

Meeting room signs

Some buildings are used for conferences and as such need to be labelled with meeting room signs. These signs can simply label the room for what it is, but they can also be useful if they have an extra slide-able portion on the door label that can indicate whether the room is in use or not. Talk to us today about the options available to you.