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Information on Property signs

Notifying intruders of the consequences of breaking into your property is important, especially when the dimensions of said property are enormous. The use of property signs is essential to companies, warehouses, farms and other large properties. These signs are meant to prevent potential intruders from crossing the boundaries of the property.

The use of property signs is not only preventative but also has legal implications. It will be impossible to sue a person who enters your land or your domain if he can prove that there was no sign indicating that he had crossed the boundaries of private property. Their presence, therefore, gives the domain owner the right to take the necessary actions against those who deliberately decide to override the warning signs.

These property signs are not only informative, they also help to prevent and avoid unfortunate incidents. In hunting reserves, for example, these signs will indicate to bona fide lost people that they are entering dangerous areas at their own risk. The colours used in the making of the signs are always very bright, in order to be visible to one and all. Like all signs of this kind, the property signs are mostly red or yellow. But the owner can customize them as he/she wishes.