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Information on No soliciting signs

Many homes and indeed businesses suffer from unwanted solicitors. They can be disruptive and harassing. In order to deter them, it is helpful to have a clear sign to this effect. For homes, they can simply be attached to the front door or slightly off to the side, potentially next to the doorbell. Offices and workplaces can have them placed at any main entrances but also in the parking lot and around the grounds in general, potentially deterring solicitors from entering the area altogether.

These signs need to be clear, usually on a white background with red and black texts. It is wise to accompany the text with a graphic. This can be a simple figure of a human carrying a briefcase and should be placed within a red circle with a crossed line through it – the universal symbol of a forbidden act.

It should be enough to simply write ‘No Soliciting’ but on occasion, you may find it necessary to add additional, more specific information. This can include things such as a list of forbidden topics such as religion, politics, magazines, fundraisers and selling candy. It may seem excessive but these few added words just serve to cover all aspects of soliciting and remove any confusion.