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Information on hospital signs

One workplace that needs a lot of signs is a hospital. Hospital signs include direction signs showing patients (and staff) the way and signs indicating room numbers and stores. But signs attached to walls are serve an important function. All employees have name badges, and signs indicating the location of safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, defibrillators, etc., are also very common.

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There are a number of different signs in hospitals. They perform different functions, and are of different sizes and materials. All to inform, guide and highlight things for both patients and employees.

Hospital signs – Some examples 

Name badges

Virtually everyone employed at a hospital wears a name badge. These usually clearly show both the person’s name and profession so that patients know who they are talking to and what authority the person has. 


Most hospitals are so large that it is easy to get lost. That’s why there are often information boards and large direction signs showing the way to the right department, the restaurant or toilet. Finding your way around a hospital should be a minor problem. 

Room numbers

These hospital signs can be found in almost all departments on the outside of the doors. A few simple numbers that make it significantly easier to find your way. 


The fact that the staff are careful about hygiene should be self-evident. But what about the patients? Do they also realise the need to pay particular attention to hygiene for their own safety and that of others? There are often signs in the toilet and shower reminding people to use hand sanitiser to reduce the risk of contamination.